Read Your Way – ebooks for people who read differently.

Blind SA Bookshare is an e-book library that helps people with disabilities gain employment, pursue education, and enjoy leisure books. With Bookshare, members can access HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of e-books in accessible formats that let people with disabilities read in ways that work for them. Readers can listen to books in audio, read in braille, enlarge font sizes, and find books for school, work, and pleasure reading.

Blind SA Bookshare will be launched on 26 October 2020

Huge Online Library of Customizable Reading Experiences

Educational Books, Career Resources, Award-Winning Titles, Young Adult Novels, Children’s Books, Bestsellers, Nonfiction, Periodicals.

How Blind SA Bookshare Helps

  • Alternative formats: ebooks in audio, audio + highlighted text, large text, braille
  • Huge collection: books for school, career, and pleasure reading
  • Choose your device: computers, tablets, smartphones, braille devices, and more
  • Free

Who qualifies?

Members must be visually impaired to join Bookshare.

How Does It Work

“There is no shortage of books to read that help you become the person you want to be… You can open your favorite reading app, search for a title, download it, and start reading. The following are some of the ways in which you can read:

  • On dedicated devices like the Victor Stream or Stratus or similar devices;
  • On a Windows computer using FSReader included with Jaws, or free programs like DDReader or Amis;
  • On smart phones using the free EasyReader app or the paid app, Voice Dream Reader.

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    Contact Michelle Louw for technical support

    Phone: 011-839-1793

    We recently celebrated the 74th Anniversary of Founders Day on the 26 October 2020 on the occasion of the launch of Blind SA Bookshare.
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