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Teaching support for parents and schools

The Education Committee of BlindSA is reaching out to parents and schools to assist with the schooling of learners with visual impairment during the lockout period and beyond. We would love some feedback from parents and even schools.

Below are links about websites and apps from the US and South Africa that you can use on your PC or smart devices for visually impaired learners.

“Distance learning help for students with vision impairments

To support our community, our distance learning tools are available for all teachers and their students, at no charge, for the remainder of the 2019/2020 school year.

More than 2000 teachers and 20,000 students have already signed up. Don’t miss out!



“ObjectiveEd is building a better digital curriculum for vision-impaired students”


Below are also some useful SA links:


Here is a link for grade 8 to 12:


This link is for Grade 6


“Free LIVE online lessons All lessons are FREE for your child to join! Note that live lessons will now take place directly on our website to improve your learning experience (we’re no longer streaming on YouTube).



How to join a class?

Visit and browse to the online classroom for your child’s grade. It’s FREE. No registration required.


What if I missed the live stream?

All our live lessons are recorded, so you can watch them later from our website.

What about other grades and subjects?

More subjects and grades will be coming next week.

I have questions. Where can I get help?

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions to get assistance.



Grade 3

Mathematics at 9am – Join


Grade 4

Mathematics at 8am – Join


Grade 5

Mathematics at 10am – Join


Grade 6

Mathematics at 8am – Join


Grade 7

Mathematics at 10am – Join


A reminder, please share this email with ALL your friends and family who have children in school. Let’s make these free lessons go viral!”