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We have ‘Contact’ publication which is our main newsletter that keeps our donors, volunteers and friends informed about our work. We also publish six magazines covering a range of subjects, for a variety of audiences. These are available for free and can be ordered as single issues, or as a regular subscription.

Blind SA Newsletter

This publication contains news and articles about Blind SA and its affiliate organisations. (Available in braille, print and digital formats).



A compilation of articles taken from general magazines such as ‘You’, ‘Fair Lady’, and others. (Available in braille and digital formats).



Provides information on developments in technology and technological aids for blind and visually impaired consumers. (Available in braille, print, digital and audio formats).


Braille Trumpet

A compilation of general news stories, selected to be of interest to a broad audience of blind and visually impaired South Africans. (Available in braille and digital formats).


Blind SA Parent Network Letter

This is a newsletter about issues relating to blind and sighted parents of blind or visually impaired children. (To date, available in digital formats).


Young Stoners

A magazine for blind and visually impaired youngsters, featuring articles on youth matters. (Available in braille and digital formats).


Special Economic Fund Newsletter

A Special Economic Fund in response to the hardship caused by the COVID-19 on blind and partially sighted entrepreneurs and workers.

Email Newsletter

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If you would like to receive the braille or print version of any of our magazines please do not hesitate to contact Philip Jordaan on (011) 839 1793 or subscribe by sending an e-mail to Please remember to include your postal details, so we know where to send the magazine!