Special Economic support

Special Economic support for Blind and Partially Sighted Business Entrepreneurs and people working in sheltered/Protective workshops in South Africa

Blind SA is providing short-term relief for Blind and partially sighted business entrepreneurs by exposing them to training in Starting or Improving their small and micro businesses. Blind SA introduced the Start and Improve Your Business (SIYB), International Labour Organisation (ILO) training programme.

We are all going through tough times, due to the National Lock Down as a result of the Coronavirus Pandemic, and Blind SA understands that this is a very uncertain time for everyone.

Blind SA has therefore established the Special Economic Fund to train persons in the SIYB programme.

The criteria below will be considered: The application for SIYB training and economic support is available for blind and partially sighted entrepreneurs currently running their own Small, Medium, Micro Enterprises (SMME) and Cooperatives and due to the National Lock Down are at home and are not earning any income.

Please submit your application via email to:


or send a SMS or whatsapp to the persons listed below.

Tommie Lehmkuhl Email: LehmkuhlT@telkomsa.net Mobile: 0828082812

Susan van Wyk  Email: susan@blindsa.org.za Mobile: 0825776608

Parishna Ramluckan Email: parishna@blindsa.org.za Mobile: 0611454282