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A myriad of everyday issues constantly inhibit the ability of blind and visually impaired citizens to fully and equally participate in society. Blind SA, therefore, lobbies for change and correction of several targeted issues.


Access To Braille Text Books

Since the Department of Basic Education’s implementation of their new curriculum in 2012, blind learners have not had braille textbooks. This is an enormous issue, such that Blind SA has joined forces with other blindness organisations to correct it. The current status is that we have engaged Section 27 to represent us in this action against the Department of Basic Education.


SARS’s E-filing

A number of additional projects are being dealt with under the guidance of Blind SA’s Advocacy Committee:

SARS’s E-filing site is inaccessible for blind users. We have been engaging with SARS about this since 2010, and are increasing pressure to have this rectified

The FNB website presents similar inaccessibility for blind users.


Hotel standard key cards

We are engaging with the SABS in the hope of issuing standards for hotel key cards so that blind users would know which way to insert the card. This remains a long-term project.


Talking pre-paid electricity metres

Blind people have serious problems with pre-paid electricity meters, and we are trying to get manufacturers to enable such meters to speak.


Disabled Parking Stickers

Many municipalities still exclude blind people from obtaining disabled parking stickers. We are engaging with various parties to remedy this.

We are trying to get blind travellers exempted from e-toll payments.