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Promoting and facilitating the dignity
and independence of blind and visually
impaired South Africans



You can take great pride in helping blind South Africans achieve dignity. Thank you!

Our Key Purpose

Promoting and facilitating the dignity and independence of blind and visually impaired South Africans remains the key purpose of Blind SA. We do this through our four main focus areas – employment, education, mobility, and braille services. Additionally, we actively lobby for the general rights of blind and visually impaired South Africans through our advocacy work.

Blind SA is a Level 1 BB-BEE contributor in terms of the DTI Codes of Good Practice

Jace, CEO of BlindSA sitting at his desk wearing a white golf shirt
Jace, CEO of BlindSA.

Our Benefactors

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Promoting quality education for all learners with visual impairments in South Africa.

Our Education Committee addresses all issues concerning education from pre-school intervention to general, further and tertiary education and training, as well as adult basic education and training.

We have managed to sponsor about 924 bursaries for blind students since 2012.

Learn more about Braille and Mobility for the Blind

Braille Services of Blind SA was established in 1953 and is the only producer of braille in all eleven official languages of South Africa.

There is a huge need for orientation and mobility training for blind people, as well as those who are newly blinded.
It takes on average two and a half months of daily interaction to teach these skills.

Learn anywhere with bookshare

Blind SA has signed a partnership with US Based nonprofit, Benetech

Benetech have established a free library of accessible ebooks for blind and low-vision South Africans, as well as those with print disability. Members will have access to more than half a million unique titles in 5 accessible formats, totaling to more than 2.5 million reading options.

Appreciating BlindSA services


Our work covers many key areas, and the following stories will give you an insight into some of our recent challenges and successes.