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Blind SA’s Bookshare venture launched in October last year and has quickly become a real breakthrough for people with reading disabilities. In South Africa, access to books of all forms has been a serious difficulty for anyone with visual impairment.

But Bookshare gives members choice across a vast library of e-books in accessible formats. Now, people with disabilities can read in ways that work for them. Readers can listen to books in audio, read in braille, enlarge font sizes, and find books for school, work, and pleasure reading.

So, apart from the sheer joy of reading, it’s also helping people with disabilities to pursue their education and ultimately find employment. Huge online library of customisable reading experiences, FREE. Blind SA Bookshare is the result of a partnership agreement with US-based non-profit organisation Benetech.

For users, Bookshare’s half a million unique titles offer choice that is effectively limitless, and it’s free. It provides:

• Educational books, career resources, award winning titles, young adult novels, children’s books, bestsellers, non-fiction, and periodicals. • A choice of alternative formats: ebooks in audio, audio-plus-highlighted text, large text, and braille. • Accessibility through a range of devices: computers, tablets, smartphones, braille devices, and more.

How does it work? Members can simply open their favourite reading app, search for a title on Bookshare, download it, and start reading…

Who qualifies? Members must be visually impaired to join Bookshare.

How do new members sign up? New members can sign up for Bookshare on the Blind SA website: Or email Denise Frost of Blind SA:    

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