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What are we all hanging our hopes on right now?

As I sat down to write this mail to you, I realised that my hope for a dawn when this ‘thing’ is finally behind us rests heavily on the shoulders of  just a few special people.  By this I mean those with important skills who are working, no doubt frantically, on our behalf.

Yes, we’re all trying to play our parts as responsible citizens in this pandemic. But where would we be without the scientists, the well-staffed laboratories and trained technicians in research facilities…? The front line medical staff whose daily measure of success is life…?

Skilled television broadcasters are showing us these moving pictures. Experienced journalists and writers are bringing us the realities – but also reporting on the incremental breakthroughs and learning’s that give us hope. And dedicated counsellors carry that hope with them as they offer reassurance to desperate individuals and families…

We can be deeply thankful for these professionals, but let’s also hope they are rewarded with the personal fulfillment they deserve.

To be useful, to be the best we can be, and to share our abilities with the world are ambitions also shared by our students. But education remains the key.

That’s why, even as I thank you for your already generous support of Blind SA, I’m hoping you’ll be able to sponsor our Bursaries Fund for the new academic year. I am absolutely sure that our students would love to be out in the world already, sharing their skills at this critical time, but right now the focus needs to be on passing another year, and eventually graduating.  

Can I ask you to support of this important project now?

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