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Pioneer Printers has taken it upon itself to make the “Duma Says” Educational Booklet accessible to the visually impaired as a means to raise awareness of the Covid-19 pandemic. The educational book is available in the following formats to visually impaired persons: 

  • E-Braille (BRF) format – BRF formats are accessible on the Victor Reader Stratus, Stream, Trek devices as well as Duxbury software.

(Contracted and Uncontracted versions available) 

  • Audiobook 

To download the e-Braille (BRF) versions, click on the link below:

To listen to the audio book, click on the link below:

If you could put these links on your webpages, facebook pages and news letters for visually impaired learners, or parents or teachers to download on their assistive devices or to print a braille hard copy, it will be much appreciated.  We would like to publish these accessible formats of the book as wide as possible.

Schools can download the e-braille and print their own braille hard copies within their braille units.

If you want us to print hard copies for your learners, you are welcome to contact us for a special quotation.

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