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I’m Nomalanga Malekane, a 44 year old woman from Johannesburg

I’m visually impaired. I was mugged and stabbed on my way to work so it wasn’t easy to accept that I was totally blind.

I got married to my childhood sweetheart that’s when I experienced all the abuse you can think of, at first I was stabbed when my son was 9 months old.

Out of all the experience I managed to join blind SA with the help of Irene who helped me fill the membership form and that was when I became capacitated.

With the assistance of Blind SA, I was taught mobility and skills of daily living and that’s when I realised that being blind it’s not the end of the world.

What I have observed is that our society are the ones that disabled us the most, and as women with disabilities we criticize and pull each other down instead of supporting and completing each other.

As a blind woman I believe in loving myself first and believing in myself and the rest will follow.

In conclusion I would like to say, let’s not put other people’s needs first for the sake of love and belonging.

What is the use of having physical sighted eyes and yet you have no vision?


Nomalanga Malekane

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