I am Young, Visually Impaired and need G12 What do I do?

You might be young, visually impaired and want to improve your living conditions for which you need a G12 certificate to get into the look-for-a-job market.


When you were at school, you did not realise that a G12 certificate was very important. You might have lost your sight in an accident or because of a disease. May be there were not the necessary textbooks on audio, in Braille or in large print, when you wanted to write G12. Perhaps you left school due to personal or family reasons.


If you find yourself in this dilemma, please phone Blind SA at: 011 839 1793, or

Email to: ceo@blindsa.org.za.

The staff members of Blind SA will bring you into contact with the relevant people. We will help to enrol you with an ABET Centre for visually impaired learners. At these centres you will be able to achieve your G12 certificate. At these centres you will get your confidence back and there is also the opportunity to learn Braille, if necessary and to take Mobility and Daily Living Skills courses.

If you want to enrol with a mainstream ABET Centre near your home, we can also try and help you with this.

Blind SA wishes you only the best for your future!

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