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Recently, the Westonaria Public Library hosted the launch of an e-book service for all Gauteng libraries.

Three workstations for the blind and visually impaired were installed that will enable users to scan printed material, read texts in Braille using a Braille keyboard, and print out texts using either a Braille printer or an ordinary one. Here, they will also be able to search the internet as each station is equipped with a PC. The workstations will also allow users to write texts on a mechanical Braille typesetting machine, and have content displayed on the screen in a large format using Magic Software.

This pilot project is set to roll out to the entire country, bringing e-book access to both blind and sighted members of society. Blind SA President, Cathy Donaldson, who attended the launch, commented: “This is an absolutely historic event for all visually impaired people.”

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  1. My mom who is 84, has Glaucoma which has left her vision impaired. She lives with me in Kensington Johannesburg. She is so lonely and frustrated cause all she does is sit and listen to her TV. I take her out but she can’t enjoy herself. I need a place where I can drop her off in the day for an hour or two so she can mix with others that are the same and maybe do some activities. She is also can’t walk due to bad knees. She feels she is useless and very depressed. Please help

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