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This Digital Accessible Information System – or ‘DAISY’ – is a digital audio book for blind and visually impaired people so that they can listen to written material.


With the many advancements in audio technology, Blind SA staff recently participated in a four-day training session held by the DAISY Consortium.

People should have equal access to information and knowledge regardless of disability, which is why the DAISY Consortium is committed to creating the best way to read and publish for everyone. DAISY content is thus made accessible for all people and in all languages.

The vision of the DAISY Consortium is that all published information must be available to people with print disabilities in an accessible, feature-rich navigational format, and at no greater cost. For this reason, a DAISY book can the converted into various types of documents such as MP3, large prints, Braille and more.

While it is never Blind SA’s intention to replace traditional ‘hard copy’ braille, we are fully aware of the need to familiarise ourselves with evolving and improving technology in order to assist the visually impaired to the best of our abilities. We are excited to include DAISY in this, and to make written material more accessible for the blind community in South Africa.



7 Responses

  1. good Day

    what is the cost of a Daisy for a person and how do they get hold of books etc and at what cost

  2. Good day,

    Searching for someone who can talk to elderly/ senior citizens at Bryanston Country Club wrt to accessing Daisy or someone to come and explain the use and cost of Daisy and or audio books. Please could you assist or direct me to whom I should address in this regards.

    Thanking you in anticipation.

    Warm regards

    Ms C van Onselen

    Seniors Ambassador Bryanston Country Club, Johannesburg

    1. Dear Cherie

      Greetings and thank you on your enquiry on our website regarding daisy.
      Blind SA is a producer of accessible formatted materials used by blind and partially sighted persons. The formats include braille, daisy, audio and e-books. Recreational reading materials are provided by SA Library for the Blind and Tape Aids for the Blind. We can arrange for a presentation.
      We can discuss telephonically or by email. My contact details is listed below.

      Jace Nair
      Blind SA
      Tel: (011) 839-1793
      Fax: (011) 839-1217
      Mobile: 0609670258

  3. Goodday
    My mother is 80yeard old and lost her eye site about 2years back we are dedperatelly looking for aidio books for he please note she only get sassa grant so of thetr is some place we can get it free it will help a lot.
    Im also looking for sunglasses for her she is complaining about the sublight being to sharp so i really want to help find her n pair that is suitable.
    Hope to hear from you soon

    1. Dear Adri

      Your request has been forwarded to our Orientation and Mobility Department, who will be replying to you via email.

      Kind regards

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