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I joined Blind SA on 1 July 1990 as a cleaner.” After attending night school and gaining her Matric Victoria then began working as a proofreader. This motivated her even more, “I realised that I shouldn’t be satisfied as just an employee and that I should learn how to read and write Braille even if I’m not blind.”

With the help of Chrissie Muller, who is now retired, and our current Braille instructor Tracy Smith, Victoria passed the exam in 2002 with a distinction. “Nothing was going to hold me back after that!”

“This enthusiasm and my love for Braille grew stronger, and I went on to write a Higher Braille exam and a Transcribers exam.” And her studies didn’t end there either!

“This year I have been with Blind SA for 25 years, which along with my studies has been a great achievement for me and I am so thankful.”

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