How do you describe the beauty of mother nature to a blind child?

Sight is only one of our five senses. 

And while what you describe (a blind child) is tragic, it does not have to limit the child’s experience of the beauty of nature to the point that he/she can have less of an understanding of the world around him/her. 

To describe in words what we see with our eyes is certainly a challenge, Especially to someone who has never been sighted.
It is often helpful to connect your emotions to what you are describing, For instance, the colour blue is ‘cool’ (as opposed to warm) and the colour red is ‘warm’.  

‘This leaf has turned so red in this autumn season that it feels warm in your hand doesn’t it? The sun has given it warmth.’ Is this the ‘same as’ being able to see? No, of course not.  But often the loss of one sense will cause the other senses to become more sensitive and who can say that this child is not fully living because he/she cannot see? 

Barbara Carleton 


“The beauty of Mother Nature does not lie solely in what we see.  There is beauty in the sounds if nature, the songs of birds, the howl of coyotes, the whisper of the wind in the trees.  Nature has a myriad of wonderful scents, from lilacs to the smell of wet dogs to the noxious odours of skunks.  And then there are the textures. The papery roughness of birch bark to the softness of mosses, to the warmth of rabbit fur.  

A blind child may not be able to relate to our visual experience. But instead of trying to explain what may never be understood, close your eyes and enter their world. You may discover you have been missing a lot.” 

Lynn M. Teatro 


“Take them to nature to explore it. I love when a friend takes me to parks or wetlands. I love touching flowers or smelling fresh air. Then tell them what colour the trees are or the flowers. Tell them if the day is clear or cloudy. It’s fun.” 

Aaron James 


“I would say that the beauty of Mother Nature smells as sweet as the sweetest rose… that the beauty of Mother Nature feels as soft as the softest leaves… and, that the beauty of Mother Nature sings like the birds in the trees.” 

Harjay Dapiosen 


“Take her outside, Sit in the grass and feel the smooth yet prickly blades, Let ants crawl across his hands, Pet dogs, cats, horses, cows, goats etc. Smell the flowers, Let the sunshine warm her, Have a snowball fight, Take long walks in the woods, Listen to the birds, Taste fresh strawberries right off the vine, dig in the dirt, Roll down a hill, Climb a mountain, Revel in nature with the child at your side.  Beauty exists in more than just sight. Take the opportunity to learn how to enjoy it with your other senses”

Amy Clark 




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