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Activities to Keep the Little Ones Busy

Parents are always looking for something fun (and preferably educational) for children to do, but it can be difficult to find projects or outings that are appropriate for a young child who is blind. So, we adapt the activities that we find online, ask our friends for ideas and make up some of our own.…


VI Child safety at home

All children require a safe environment at home. However, if you have a child with visual impairment, or you are a blind or partially sighted parent, it may be helpful to take some extra precautions to make sure your house is free from hazards for your children. Children are naturally inquisitive, and it is important…


The Parents of the baby with Limited or no Sight

When a baby is born without, or only limited sight, it has a major effect on the parents, their family and friends. Parents, family and friends react differently and those outside the family unit often do not know how to react or give support. The Parents The parents may be shocked, feel angry and/or guilty,…


The Blind Child: Part of the Family, Part of the World

by Barbara PierceWhen a blind child enters a family, be it by birth, accident, vision disorder, or adoption,parents and the others close to the youngster face the challenge of supplying the information andconcepts that sighted children naturally acquire by visual observation. The statement seemsobvious but identifying such issues and recognizing when peculiarities in the blind…


11 Things I’ve Learned Since Becoming a Special Needs Parent

By Leigh MerrydayThe birth of a child with a disability, or the discovery that a child has a disability, has a profoundimpact on a parent. 1. Not knowing is a lot harder than knowing.Yes, there is a lot we can do via therapy to help our children walk, talk, learn, etc. But the hardestthing to…


Social and Emotional Development

Bonding The first social contact babies have is usually with their mothers during feeding times. This happens through eye contact. The mother smiles and talks to the baby while feeding and this is how bonding happens. Handling and touching the baby also plays an especially significant role. The baby with visual impairment cannot make eye…


The Involvement of Family and Friends

Other members of a family as well as friends can be an integral part of the lives of the parents and sighted siblings of a visually impaired child, keeping the family grounded and offering help and support. If other family members or friends want to help, but are not sure how, here are some tips:…


Helping Siblings Understand Sight Problems

This article was collated from the information from several web pages, written by siblings of blind children and their parents. Therefore, the language is not professional or grammatically perfect, but the idea is to demonstrate the use of understandable language when talking to children. If your child has a visual impairment, it doesn’t just affect…


The parents, family and friends – Look after yourself

It can be exhausting to look after a young child, especially if the child has a visual impairment and needs help to develop and make sense of the world. Other families who raised a child with a visual impairment say it is important to know your limits and to avoid becoming overwhelmed and exhausted. The…