Copyright high court trial 21 September 2021 – 7 September 2021

The constitutional rights of people who are blind or visually impaired to equality, dignity, basic and further education, freedom of expression and participation in the cultural life of one’s choice is being violated.

We have long engaged Government and various stakeholders to demand copyright reform, but this process has been protracted and with limited success. In 2010 Government established a copyright review commission and ever since that time there has been limited progress to secure equal access to reading materials for people who are blind or visually impaired through copyright reform.

    1. Constitutional Court action May 2020
    2. December 2020 protest and Memorandum
    3. Submissions to parliament between 2015 and last year.
    4. Engagement with stakeholders like DTI etc. for decades.

We are urging Government to speed up legislative reforms so that we can access reading materials in accessible formats.

Copyright Amendment Bill promotes fair royalty. End the Book Famine ratify the Marrakesh Treaty

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