Copyright high court trial 21 September 2021 – 6 September 2021

To convert an average novel of around 300 pages into braille can take approximately 28 days and would cost around R24,000 to produce the master copy. Very often templates are already available abroad, but due to the fact the old colonial Copyright Act of 1978 still applies which has no copyright exemptions, this results in us not having access to those already existing templates and we then have to reinvent the wheel, reproduce what exists already at great expense of time and money – which many of us cannot afford.

There is a real Book Famine experienced by people who are blind or visually impaired, and despite there being uncontested strides that Government can take to remedy the situation, they are dragging their feet. We have engaged with Government for years now, and it’s time for change. These reforms cannot wait any longer!

Copyright Amendment Bill promotes Fair use.

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