World Blindness Summit 21

Dear WBU members

Many of you have already registered to the upcoming WBU General Assembly 21.
We want to make sure everyone knows why this event is very special this year: for the first time, as part of its General Assembly, the WBU organizes the World Blindness Summit 21. This is a cutting-edge and innovative event that embraces the benefits of technologies, creating the first global and fully accessible online conference:

  • From 21 to 25 June: the future of the WBU is to be decided

As a member, you can decide about the organization you want for the future. This is the time to follow up on what the leadership has been doing and to check on the accountability of the organization.
The new leadership will also be elected and members can ensure geographic representation, gender balance, youth engagement and many other important WBU features.

  • On 25 and 26 June: Global Technology & Accessibility Conference (GTAC) and Youth Summit

GTAC: Some of the greatest experts in accessibility and technology, from all over the world and the more innovative and disruptive companies, come together to discuss about the benefit of the latest technologies for inclusion and accessibility.
Youth Summit: An opportunity for youth people to share initiatives, ideas and get to know each other in these challenging times.

  • From 28 to 30 June: for the first time more than 30 open webinars

You are welcome to participate to our unique program of fully accessible webinars about: new technology trends, inclusive education, parenting, COVID-19, climate change, youth, urban development and many more related topic.
All webinars are opened to everyone, fully accessible and available in 3 languages: English French and Spanish. There are no limit of participants and everyone is welcome to attend once registered.

This is why it is a perfect opportunity to strengthen your relationships with your partners, colleagues, staff, DPO and other organizations by inviting them to the first World Blindness Summit. You can check the program of all events and thematic webinars on this link: https://www.worldblindnesssummit.com/en/schedule/program.
You can still register here by  5th June  https://www.worldblindnesssummit.com/en/inscription

Meanwhile, we have prepared an invitation below our signature that you can forward to as many people as you want in your country and your network so that they can register too.

We are proud and honored to host this historical summit and we hope to meet you there with all your network.

Let’s celebrate the 1st World Blindness Summit all together.

Warm regards

Fred Schroeder WBU President
Jose Viera, WBU CEO

Invitation to share with all your guests:

Dear friends,

As a member of the World Blind Union, our organization is happy to invite you to the first World Blindness Summit, an online and fully accessible event from 25 to 30 June 2021, open to everyone.

What is the World Blindness Summit 21?
This is a cutting-edge and innovative event that embraces the benefits of technologies, creating the first global and accessible online conference.

Why is it unique?
Over 1,000 blind and partially sighted people from nearly 190 countries over the world will participate to share their experiences and practices developed over the past five years, and especially those implemented to cope with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in all spheres of life.

Who can participate?
Everyone is welcome to attend, to participate, to listen, to talk, and to share this unique experience. All events of the World Blindness Summit are available in English, French and Spanish.

Why is it interesting to participate?
The achievements and challenges experienced will be analyzed, priorities will be set in this new era beginning by working hard to prevent blind and partially sighted people from being left behind in the digital revolution that has made such great progress in the past months. On the other hand, new strategies will be worked on to give visibility to our reality and above all, to promote everything that contributes to the substantiation of a central goal: to create a new vision of blindness, to enable everyone to fully participate in all aspect of our society.

Who are the organizers?
The World Blind Union (WBU) is the sole voice speaking on behalf of an estimated 253 million blind and partially sighted persons worldwide. WBU counts more than 250 member organizations in 190 countries. WBU ensures blind and partially sighted persons can participate fully in any aspect of life they choose. WBU advocates for equal opportunities, protection and promotion of fundamental human rights of all blind and partially sighted persons, and make sure that their voice is heard.
As a sidelines event of its General Assembly, WBU organizes the World Blindness Summit 21 together with its partners: ONCE Social Group and the International Council for Education of People with Visual Impairment – ICEVI

You can check the program here:
It is all free and you have to register here by 5th June:

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