There is a huge need for orientation and mobility training for blind people, as well as those who are newly blinded. It takes on average two and a half months of daily interaction to teach these skills.

Everyday Living

This free rehabilitation teaches the visually impaired how to get around on their own again. It focuses on the basic skills of daily living and how to effectively carry out tasks like identifying money and clothing, ironing safely, cooking, pouring drinks and general housekeeping.


This training is vital to ensure that those with little or no vision gain confidence and self-sufficiency. Our instructors assist with teaching people new skills and safety measures – even how to move about and commute on their own – in order to live successfully in society.


It is important that a visually impaired person should not be forced to stop working. We meet with their employer to help keep that person employed, research other opportunities within the organisation as well as conduct on-the-job training.

Assistive Devices

Blind SA stocks a range of assistive devices. These can be ordered directly from us by calling Sharon Ahmed on 011 839 1793, or by emailing her at Sharon will happily assist you with any additional information you may need.


Lady’s 2 Tone Braille Watches
Men’s Silver Braille Watches
Unisex Gold Talking Watch
Lady’s Beaded Watch
Lady’s 1 Button Gold Talking Watch
Unisex 1 Button Silver Talking Watch
Reizen Braille Alarm Clock
Pill Box Small
Low Vision Cards
Braille Cards
Uno Cards
Bath Alert
Marshmallow Tip
Braille Labeler
Medicine Dispencer
Pyramid Talking Clocks
Braille Slates
Spot A Line
Liquid Level Indicator
Needle Threader
Dymo Tapes
Signature Giudes
Coin Collectors
Money stick
Pocket Slates
Talking Calculator with ear phones
Reizen Alarm Clock

Imported Straight-Tip Canes

44-inch Cane
46-inch Cane
48-inch Cane
50-inch Cane
52-inch Cane
54-inch Cane
56-inch Cane
58-inch Cane

Locally manufactured canes available in roller tip or straight tip

46-inch Cane
48-inch Cane
50-inch Cane
52-inch Cane
58-inch Cane

Braille Paper

1Kg (approximately 80 pages)
2 Kg (approximately 160 pages)
5 Kg (approximately 400 pages)