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A slice of life by Tracy Smith

It baffles and amazes people every time I tell them that I live on my own. “How do you do it?” they always ask. I never know how to answer that one – it’s just something that I do. Living on my own has had some scary moments; like the time I accidentally short-circuited my – and my landlady’s – house by unknowingly having a…

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Petunia, who is blind, sitting at her desk, talking on the telephone.

Petunia overcomes fears of blindness

Petunia Mapepha was working as a volunteer at the South African Police Service when one day she began experiencing headaches, dizziness and an eventual loss of vision. An appointment with an ophthalmologist and an unsuccessful operation later, Petunia turned to Blind SA for help. The Rehabilitation department warmly received her request and she soon began counselling with one of our…

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Dr Rowland and two guests standing at the book launch at Stellenbosch University’s Business School.

Braille leadership book a first

Leadership for All by Marius Ungerer, Hohan Herholdt and Jannie le Roux was recently translated into braille and launched at Stellenbosch University’s Business School (USB). This is the first translation of a book by a USB academic into braille. Dr Rowland, the guest speaker at the book launch is the honorary president of the South African National Council for the Blind. He said, “I have read lots…

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A child's hands with eyes drawn on them reading a braille page.

Blind Schooling in Crisis

Failure by the Department of Basic Education (DBE) to provide access to adequate schooling, or any schooling for that matter, to countless disabled pupils is a major threat to their livelihood and dignity. A survey into schools for visually impaired children in South Africa was recently conducted by the rights organisation SECTION27, and here’s some of their findings: Limited availability of textbooks, workbooks and teachers’ guides in…

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